origine: hallo world. :>

2018/10/26 7:35 (UTC+8) China

welcome to the league of voyage. :P

this page is founded to record the brith of my personal blog and remember the efforts i paid for what i want. it’s truth that everything is difficult,but hold your resolution on. :>

welcome to exchange my friend chain! :)


for art,literature,technology and bright life,i founded my studio and expect it would provide as many happynesses as it can for the outside world. it’s not my dream but my career. i will posting the newest works on this website!



voyage1969: the patient stuck in depth-first self closing. :(

the pioneer of studio-myforwards. v69 made the most of efforts at early time. aug 2018,v69 was dead of food poisoning. :( v69 had left us forever.



voyage1970: the human shaped orphan(exactly goo son.). :<

the relative of v69. also the current leader of studio-myforwards. this personal blog is build by v70.

2018/10/26 23:26 (UTC+8) China

log in duitang.

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