colorspalette: let’s get closer to the amazing magic of colors. :> have fun.

2018/11/1 16:07 (UTC+8) China

last post is a simple introduction of RGB. this post is for color choosing.

paper color

paper color: paper color is for paper. if you don’t decide to draw a highly completed work,you may leave some area their original color as background. this is paper color. choosing proper paper color is important for a picture’s scene sense.

colors… pure white(R: 255 G: 255 B: 255): it’s like this.

pure white is the most uesd paper color while drawing. of course it’s the most adaptable,but it won’t be the best choose sometimes.

colors… #f0f0f0(R: 240 G: 240 B: 240): a kind of light grey.

colors… #fffad2(R: 255 G: 250 B: 220): a kind of light yellow.

colors… #fffadc(R: 255 G: 250 B: 230): a kind of light orange.

colors… #fff0f0(R: 255 G: 240 B: 240): a kind of light red.

all these color look similar. but the are very different in picture!

you may find most colors i pick are warm color. because cold(dark) scene is hard to express without a colored backgrond.

cloth color

cloth color: a series of color to express the light,mid,boundary,dark and reflect part of cloth(silk,gauze or hair,ect).

now i will show some examples and to express.



this picture is from pixiv by @藤ます.

let’s analyze it. the “cloth” of this character can be divided into 4 parts:

  • cloak.(white main.)
  • jacket and boots(?i don’t know what’s this exactly.)(brown(?)).
  • hair.(light pink,light magenta and voilet)
  • etc(headwear,katana).

just like the traditional painting,i’ll introduce color by “l2d”(light to dark) order.

  • cloak: warm white,light pink,red series. polyester.

colors… #fcf2e9(R: 252 G: 242 B: 233): mid part.

colors… #dbb3b3(R: 219 G: 179 B: 179): boundary part.

colors… #834f5c(R: 131 G: 79 B: 92): dark part.

colors… #edd4cf(R: 237 G: 212 B: 207): reflect part.

colors… #fdf6eb(R: 253 G: 246 B: 236): light part.

  • jacket and boots: mid brown,dark blood,red series. leather.

of course,the sort of colors is by the material. so don’t be astonished that i make jacket and boots one series.

colors… #86585a(R: 134 G: 88 B: 90): mid part.

colors… #634346(R: 99 G: 67 B: 70): boundary part.

colors… #472a2e(R: 71 G: 42 B: 46): dark part.

colors… #bc8076(R: 188 G: 128 B: 118): reflect part.

colors… #c6ab9c(R: 198 G: 171 B: 154): light part.

actually,the colors choosed are not only this five kinds,but even more. this five kinds are basic,and others are bonus.

  • hair: pink,light magenta,perple series(closer to red). hair.

colors… #ffc8ce(R: 255 G: 200 B: 206): mid part.

colors… #ca7a9f(R: 202 G: 122 B: 159): boundary part.

colors… #c16691(R: 193 G: 102 B: 145): dark part.

colors… #daa1e5(R: 218 G: 161 B: 229): reflect part.

colors… #f8f4e8(R: 248 G: 244 B: 232): light part.

  • etc:
    • hearwear:

colors… #90f9eb(R: 144 G: 249 B: 235): mid part.

colors… #4979a9(R: 73 G: 121 B: 169): dark part.

colors… #6156681(R: 97 G: 86 B: 129): reflect part.

reflect part not only depends on itself,but also depends on the light source.

  • etc:
    • katana:
      • blade:

colors… #ffffff(R: 255 G: 255 B: 255): light part.

colors… #b7b1bf(R: 183 G: 177 B: 191): boundary part.

colors… #b7b1bf(R: 28 G: 2 B: 11): dark part.

  • etc:
    • katana:
      • handle:

colors… #cd4c68(R: 195 G: 76 B: 104): mid part.

colors… #f9c8a7(R: 249 G: 200 B: 167): mid part.

colors… #892b44(R: 135 G: 43 B: 68): boundary part.

colors… #884d39(R: 134 G: 77 B: 57): boundary part.

colors… #ce99bf(R: 222 G: 151 B: 191): reflect part.

colors… #ffdac3(R: 255 G: 218 B: 195): light part.

  • etc:
    • etc1:

colors… #fcf299(R: 252 G: 242 B: 153): mid part.

colors… #e09b58(R: 224 G: 155 B: 88): boundary part.

colors… #ffdac3(R: 170 G: 83 B: 38): dark part.

colors… #d7a5a9(R: 215 G: 165 B: 169): reflect part.

this series of color is to express gold. you may not believe that this common color could express the shining object. but it’s the truth. what colors show depends on its user.

2018/11/1 15:03 (UTC+8) China

yeah,it’s an essay about colors(by RGB code.) this would be totally different from your first impression!

let’s begin.

pure red

colors… pure red(R: 255 G: 0 B: 0): it’s like this.

pure green

colors… pure green(R: 0 G: 255 B: 0): it’s like this.

pure blue

colors… pure blue(R: 0 G: 0 B: 255): it’s like this.

so,you may say “i cannot agree with you absolutely!”. you may point out that the red is red in my opinion,but the green is goose yellow,and the blue is just like purple and so on. that is right,and you art teacher may teach you like that,but there is the world of RGB(NOT RYB!),and you must remember the laws below:

  • colors are expressed by mixed colored light. it’s a totally different and independent system of color. you can’t regard it as your palette as usual.
  • because of lots of reasons,different people have different ideas about colors. you can keep your original view,but you should accept the standard(RGB).
  • identity is not good for you anytime on the serious aspect.

and then,simply mixed color. here are three mixed color that are the simplest.


colors… yellow(R: 255 G: 255 B: 0): it’s like this.


colors… magenta(R: 255 G: 0 B: 255): it’s like this.

besed on some system,it’s called “purple”.


colors… azure(R: 0 G: 255 B: 255): it’s like this.

based on some system,it’s called “sky-blue”.

yeah,you may find you regarded “azure” as “light blue” before. it’s time to know colors again.